Fairmead School

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A Curriculum for Independent and Successful Futures



As a staff team and as a school community our core responsibility is to prepare all young people for aspirational, successful and independent futures.  It is upon this solid foundation that we have constructed a curriculum that enables young people to take responsibility, show empathy and respect, develop confidence, and empowers them to realise a strong vision for their own futures. 


At the heart of our curriculum is Independence for Adulthood.  In order to achieve this our community has identified 4 pillars:



Building from this foundation, the picture emerging from our review of our curriculum is best summarised in the following diagram which we describe as our Curriculum Building Blocks.  This is best viewed from the base upwards and it outlines:

  • how the four pillars influence core principles of delivery
  • the basis for our assessment framework
  • how this all ties in to our intended outcomes

We aspire to provide first hand learning experiences that support children and students in building personal skills and resilience.  Experiential and purposeful curriculum approaches allow young people to make meaningful links in their learning that are enriched by the local context and setting:

In contributing to the delivery of a cohesive and purposeful curriculum, these experiences tie in closely with our subject based provision as we respond through curriculum design to our key question:

  • what do our children need to know and what skills do they need to develop and what tools do they need to master in order to be prepared for a happy and successful life beyond Fairmead? 

Please use the interactive tool below to see:

  1. How priorities for learning in each phase of education (lower primary through to Key stage 4):
    • build upon the 4 pillars of our curriculum;
    • prepare children and young people for the next phase;
    • take each learner on a cohesive and purposeful journey towards their own Independent and Successful future.
  2. How the design and intent for learning in each subject area contributes to this big picture thinking.