Fairmead School

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School closure due to bad weather conditions and emergency

Any decision to close the school as a result of severe weather will be taken in the light of local conditions and an assessment of risk in relation to safety and appropriate staffing levels.  The decision will be made in consultation with the Chair of Governors.  Where possible, advanced warning will be given but parents/carers should follow the steps below if they need to check the status of the school in the mornings.

How to find out if the school is closed after a night or weekend of severe weather

  • A text message will be sent to parents/carers
  • Check the school website ( - details are usually updated by 07:00.  Don't forget, you may need to click your 'refresh' button to get up-to-date information.  This information will also appear on the Somerset Council School Closure notification ( 
  • Listen to the radio announcements on:
    • BBC Somerset Sound 95.5 FM, 1566 MHz
    • Radio Ninesprings 104.5 FM

What to do if weather conditions are poor but the school is open

  • If transport does NOT RUN in the morning, assume it will NOT RUN in the afternoon.  Therefore, if students manage to get into school in the morning via any other means, do not assume that transport will be available to take them home at the end of the day.

Closure of school during the working day

  • Occasionally, if the weather deteriorates during the day a decision has to be taken to send the pupils and staff home early while roads are still passable.
  • We will inform parents/carers that students are being sent home early and if we are unable to make contact, the pupils will remain in school.
  • In this respect it would be helpful if we have up-to-date parents/carers contact telephone numbers where they can be reached in this event.
  • Should the weather deteriorate in your area and you are concerned about your child's journey home, if you decide to collect them from school early, please telephone the school to inform us and report to Reception when you arrive.

Subsequent Day(s)

Should a subsequent day(s) of closure be necessary, the methods listed above will be used to notify all parents/carers.