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Careers Education and Work Experience

Careers Education Programme

Here at Fairmead School we have an ever evolving Careers Education Programme organised by our Careers Lead and supported by our Careers and Skills Advisor from Inspired to Achieve. We believe raising the aspirations of our students and their families towards a productive working life is one of the key aspects of preparing our young people for their life beyond school.


Our Careers Education Programme is made up of bespoke Careers and World of Work lessons (see link below), skills development through subjects such as Duke of Edinburgh and Young Enterprise and embedded activity in other curriculum areas. In addition we run a range of planned events through the year (see events pages below), which give students the opportunities to engage with employers and volunteer organisations to enrich their learning experience, as well as attending local careers events. Students also have the opportunity to take part in volunteering and work experience activities which is a key area for development moving forward.

We are very fortunate to be supported by many local employers and to work closely with our local educational providers and are keen to provide additional opportunities for our students. If you are an employer or education and training provider and are interested in talking to our students or taking part in one of our events please contact:

Shaun France

Assistant Headteacher

Fairmead School 

01935 421295


If you are a student or parent and would like to speak to our Independent Careers and Skills Advisor please contact:

Emma France

Inspired to Achieve


Work Experience

Pre-Supported Internships

As a school we are keen to develop the opportunities our students have to develop their skills towards the world of work whilst overcoming the barriers that exist through from their additional needs. Through working with Abri (formally Yarlington), in January 2020 we began our Pre Supported Internships. Unlike traditional work experience students are required to go through the interview and training process, as they would before gaining employment, and if successful are given the opportunity to develop their skills in many aspects of a role or through multiple roles over an extended period with an employer. Initially students will work with support from a job coach or work mentor, gradually building their independence over time. Skills which need developing in the workplace can then be supported by in class delivery to build success.


Through this project students have the opportunity to work at Pearson House, one of the Abri Care Hubs, alongside Abri staff to learn the real jobs that exist while developing their own skills towards work. Jobs have included daily safety checks, preparing the dining room and general maintenance.


Through this model of Fairmead staff and Abri staff working closely together, to support our students in their placements, we are already seeing real work skills develop and confidence and maturity developing for our students that is then evident back at school.


Although on site activity is on hold at present students have continued this link with the Abri team and have been preparing a weekly quiz for residents and at Christmas students had to make place mats and centrepieces for the dinning rooms. Abri staff have also shared a range of activities that students can complete at school in preparation for returning to the Abri Care Hub later in the year.


Other Work Experience

Students have also taken part in work experience at a local Hair Salon (Amaze Hair) and have attended school and community presentations to support a local charity (School in a Bag).


We hope to further develop or work experience offer throughout 2021 to provide further opportunities of work for our students. If you are an employer or a business and feel you could support us in any way please contact:

Shaun France

Assistant Headteacher

Fairmead School

01935 421295