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Careers and World of Work

Careers and World of Work lessons give students the opportunity to explore their future options in the world of work. During these sessions all students have to consider their own strengths and areas for development as they plot their individual routes, through further education and/or training towards working lives.


Students have the opportunity to work with our Careers and Skills Advisor, (Abri) in group settings where they complete a 'What Matters Island' activity that supports them to plan for their futures not only through work but in all aspects of preparing for adulthood. Students then have the opportunity to have individual planning meetings with action plans feeding into Annual Review Meetings.


Through their lessons students also explore a range of careers to build their understanding of the many and varied employment options that exist in our local area and further afield, future educational options and their application process, learn about interview skills and CV writing and explore work experience and volunteering opportunities. Students record their experiences through the completion of their Careers Journals that support them to reflect on their individual experiences and plan for the future.


Careers and World of Work lessons also link with the various events that the school run or attend each year through the Careers Education Programme (see link below)