Fairmead School

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Our Intent for ICT

We live in a technologically dependent age making the teaching of ICT integral to all areas of learning, especially for children with SEND, as it can be used as a support tool that can allow pupils to become independent, as well as helping to widen their employment opportunities. ICT is all about learning how to communicate through alternative technology, being able to widen understanding and knowledge about a particular topic at the touch of a button and being able to develop lifelong skills in an area that impacts not only your everyday life but your working life. For this reason, our curriculum for ICT is driven by the skills and knowledge that young people will need to acquire to help them achieve independent, successful, confident futures.


Looking broadly at ICT in our school, both as a discreet subject and as an element that influences all areas of learning, we see that it can:

  • Engage and enthuse pupils by presenting information in alternative ways;
  • Help students to focus and access learning as we are able to deliver more individualized programmes;
  • Enable young people to see past specific difficulties relating to literacy and communication as they access emerging assistive technology tailored to their need;
  • Bring a sense of pride in presentation to young people who struggle with handwriting and other fine motor skills;
  • Enable students to make use of skills and approaches developed outside school through access to platforms and devices that they use fluently;
  • Shine a light on personal strengths that may otherwise remain hidden eg the ability to work effectively within the coding environment;
  • Enable young people to acquire skills and develop  fluency in using key platforms used universally in industry;
  • Hit a broad range of skills for the workplace such as collaboration, independence, problem-solving, creativity, showing initiative, following clear direction, offering clear direction.


Curriculum Structure

Pupils are able to learn about processes, cause and effect and the wider world whilst also learning about E-safety.  It is important that ICT is taught through a relevant, challenging and enjoyable curriculum in order to engage all students and to ensure they achieve their potential in developing crucial skills for life:



KS4: ICT continues to be taught in discreet weekly sessions to all students as well as being integrated across the curriculum.  As students work their way through KS4 we feel it is important that they are able to complete courses and achieve qualifications that hold value both personally and vocationally. We offer 3 possible flight paths that students can follow.  The ability and interests of individuals influences which of the following pathways they will take: