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Intent statement for Mathematics


At Fairmead School we are preparing young people for independent safe futures in which they are equipped to the greatest possible extent to manage their lives in the wider community.   With this in mind, Maths is embedded across our whole school curriculum with a focus on building those essential skills young people must learn to be successful in everyday life. 


Mathematical concepts are introduced and reinforced using a ‘Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract’ approach: this enables all children to experience hands-on learning when discovering, revisiting and applying mathematical topics whilst ensuring that developing knowledge of abstract strategies is underpinned by understanding (to see how this applies to different areas of calculation, please click on calculation policy at the bottom of this section). All of our students are appropriately challenged and encouraged to work to the best of their personal abilities.  Challenge is provided through varied fluency, reasoning and real life problem solving activities. Irrespective of personal starting points, students will explore maths in depth, and use a range of mathematical vocabulary to reason and explain. 




They will become learners who are able to accept that making mistakes is a necessary step in learning and building resilience. Learning will be scaffolded to enable them to persevere and to build on previous knowledge and skills and to apply these to a wide variety of contexts both within maths and across the curriculum. They will develop the appreciation of the relevance of maths in real life situations, recognising that it is a real life necessity.


Whilst maintaining the high aspiration for our children and young people at Fairmead to achieve the most challenging, valuable qualifications and accreditations that they possibly can, we also ensure our curriculum reflects the highest priorities that enable young people to be successful and independent both in their day to day lives and in the workplace.

We implement our approach through high quality teaching and the delivery of appropriately pitched work for all groups of learners supported by the materials from 'White Rose Maths'.


Pupils in our Primary department will access their maths learning through continuous provision. Mathematical concepts are introduced and built upon through a series of direct teaching sessions. Within the provision, children have the freedom to further explore these mathematical concepts through concrete resources and creative opportunities. In addition to this, they are encouraged to follow their own mathematical lines of enquiry, which are supported through effective adult modelling and interactions.


Layered success criteria from Learning Pathway 1 to Entry Level and GCSE level, is used to encourage and support children’s development of metacognition and to motivate them to challenge themselves within a concept.  Maths lessons are planned and delivered in accordance with White Rose Maths’ small steps progression, which is underpinned by the concrete, pictorial, abstract (CPA) approach.  Each classroom has a range of mathematical resources made available for children to self-select.  These include, but are not limited to, Numicon, place value counters, number lines, various types of counters and hundred squares. Varied starting points and timely teacher interventions are utilised in response to teachers’ ongoing formative assessments through effective deployment of teaching assistants.


In addition to daily maths lessons we provide daily opportunities for all children to practise their calculation knowledge through cross curricular links with Cookery, History, Science, Crest awards and Geography.  This serves to reinforce and consolidate previous learning and improve confidence whilst emphasising the relevance and importance of core maths skills in everyday life.