Fairmead School

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Return to school - January 2021

Dear parents and carers

I hope you have all had a fantastic restful Christmas.

Tuesday 5th January is fast approaching, I wanted to take this opportunity to write to confirm our plans for reopening.

You may have heard in the press that the Government is working with schools to arrange Lateral Flow testing in Secondary and Special schools from the beginning of next term. We will be offering this to staff and colleagues working in school next term. We will provide you with more information about the impact of testing for secondary and sixth form students following, further guidance from the Government at the beginning of next week.

We are planning for a full reopening on January 5th unless we are directed otherwise. There maybe some changes to KS3 and 4 class teachers as we consider further safety measures for our young people and staff. We will be making a video about the changes for you to share with your child on Monday.

Please can I remind you that if your child is unwell, for any reason, if they feel hot, have a cough or lose their sense of smell or taste then you must keep them at home. It is so important that they do not get on school transport. Please ring the school for further advice on whether they may need a test. With the rise in cases we must not take any risks within our school. If we believe your child to be ill we will be asking you to collect your child immediately. Please ensure you have a plan in place to collect your child should the need arise.

I would also like to express the importance that if any household members display any symptoms of coronavirus (feels hot, has a cough or loses their sense of smell or taste) please arrange a test and do not send your child to school.

Please contact the school office on Monday to inform if you are self isolating due to track and trace, awaiting a test result or a positive test result.

Thank you for all your support, please feel free to make contact with the school if you wish to discuss any concerns.
Happy New Year

Mrs Felstead