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Online Safety Questionnaire

Dear parents and carers

The world of technology allows young people to keep in contact with each other when they are not at school or in each other’s company. Young people (and sometimes adults) can struggle to communicate in an effective way and can be extremely vulnerable in this online world.

As educators it is part of our curriculum to teach young people about the world of technology and help support them with the decisions they make when using it, both inside and outside of school.

As parents it is really important that when allowing young people to use technology outside of school, that this is supported and boundaries are set for your children. The majority of the young people at our school have social communication needs and these difficulties extend into their use of technology, this means we need to support them in its entirety.

We would be really grateful if you would spend a few minutes completing the attached questionnaire so we can plan how, as a school, we can support families with this. The results of this will be collected on Tuesday 6th June 2023. The children will be completing a similar questionnaire at school.

Many thanks

Mrs Barratt, Head of School and Deputy Safeguarding Lead and Mrs Morgan, Safeguarding Governor