Fairmead School

Making memories


A Statement of Intent for Art


We believe very strongly that art holds great value for all our students during their time with us, therefore it is a feature of our curriculum provision across the school; its impact, meaning and value varies from one student to the next as it varies for one individual over time.  Most broadly, however, art represents a different medium for creative expression, for communication and for sensory stimulation.  It offers a point of engagement that threads together thematic programmes and supports the development of key skills for creativity such as investigation and experimentation, observation and innovation.


A Flexible and Inclusive Curriculum


Within our community we recognise and celebrate the uniqueness of all individuals.  Through ongoing engagement with art, both expressive and evaluative, we encourage our students to establish and pursue preferences; if they struggle with fine motor skills but have an eye for media design, then we would present further opportunities to develop this as part of a personalised provision.


For some of our young people, art emerges as a key personal strength that can positively impact self-esteem and self-belief and can provide a line of engagement across the curriculum.  We recognise the importance of sustaining, nurturing and growing their interest in order that they can achieve their full potential and establish a life-long interest that can open opportunities both socially and vocationally in the future. 


For others, art represents a different medium for communication and an outlet to express emotions, thoughts and feelings.  For these young people, regular opportunities to work 1:1 with a trusted adult hold great value and support the development of other means of communication.  In this respect, art proves a conduit through which EHCP targets, especially Communication and Interaction and Social, Emotional and Wellbeing can be addressed.


Opportunities to work with creative practitioners though funded projects have also featured strongly in our school calendar over recent years.  This has presented rich and memorable first hand opportunities for our young people to engage with new media, materials and techniques as well as work with a professional artist;  these experiences have added great value to the learning of our young people who are best-engaged through experiential and purposeful learning.


From Exploration and Experimentation to Precision and Critical Evaluation: a Progressive Sequence for Learning in Art


The broad aim of the art curriculum is to provide opportunities for young people to express themselves creatively with increasing skill, precision, style and confidence and to develop the ability to express preferences and critically evaluate the work of others.  This picture emerges as students move through the phases of their education: